Buccoo Government Primary School
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SCHOOL MOTTO: The Best Always


Buccoo Government Primary School aspires to be a premier twenty first century, learning institution, producing outstanding performance across all curriculum areas thereby promoting the total development of the whole child.


Buccoo Government Primary School envisions to create and sustain a clean, comfortable, stimulating, learning-rich, digitally, and technologically well-provided learning environment which allows for individual improvement through effective curriculum delivery, provision of spiritual, moral and ethical values taking on board community support and individual differences as it strives towards excellence


The Buccoo Government Primary School is a medium sub-urban one in the island of Tobago. The school is nestled on the south-western tip of the island of Tobago in a small fishing village. Apart from being a fishing village, the village has a strong nexus to tourism. The community is evolving into a working-class community as many adults and young people have begun to embrace educational opportunities and thus seeking jobs outside of the community. The school has been in existence from 1976 and was recently reconstructed in 2003 with a capacity for 200 students. However, the present population is 232 students. The members of staff include the principal, fourteen (12) teachers and six (6) ancillary members. All the teachers are trained teachers and have acquired their bachelor’s in education at the Primary level except for the only male teacher who possesses a Diploma in Teaching.

The school in its earlier years struggled to attract students from the community and had a low student population. With the construction of the new school and a direct attempt to market the school, this has resulted in a significant rise in intake levels at the Infant department comprising more than 80% of the students coming from the community and neighbouring villages. The focus of the school has been to provide each student with a holistic education with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, critical, thinking and problem-solving skills. The school has had its challenges during the period 2004 to 2012. There has been a series of transitional issues especially at the leadership level with the latest change in 2012. In 2019 a new senior teacher was appointed to the school. The school continue to encourage student participation in a variety of co-curriculum and sporting programmes. Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic from March 2020 teaching and learning is being conducted virtually using online platforms. This transition has been faced with many challenges which include access to Wi-Fi connectivity and devices by both teachers and students as well as adapting to virtual and remote teaching and learning.


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